Jardín Tropical Pinya de Rosa


Do you know the Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden?

The Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden, located in Blanes, is part of the Architectural Heritage Inventory of Catalonia. It is close to two other green oases: Marimurtra and Santa Clotilde (in Lloret de Mar).

The Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden is located in the Pinya de Rosa Natural Site of National Interest, which covers an area of some fifty hectares. It allows visitors to observe some 7.000 tropical species, all of them arranged and classified according to their genus.

Over the years, it has acquired great international fame and has become a place of enormous interest for the most eminent botanists in the world. Also, for the tourists who visit our municipality.

Fernando Rivière de Caralt, the creator of the garden

Fernando Rivière de Caralt

Rivière de Caralt was one of the most renowned industrial engineers in the metallurgical sector of his time. One of his hobbies was cacti and succulent plants, which led him to buy the land to build the garden.

Different professionals from different sectors participated in the whole process, such as:

  • Joan Pañella i Bonastre (great friend and botany expert)
  • Joan Mirambell (designer)
  • Raimon Duran i Reynals (architect)

Nooks in the Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden

Inside the garden you will find different spaces where you can stroll and observe the beauty of its plant species: Aloes, Agaves, Cactaceae, etc. A real pleasure for the senses!

The collection of Opuntias is one of the most extraordinary and rare in the world, and includes some 600 species.

From Hotel Beverly Park & Spa we recommend you to visit the Pinya de Rosa Garden and see the entire collection for yourself.

Prices and opening hours

The Pinya de Rosa garden is open every day of the year, from Monday to Saturday. Its doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm, except on Saturdays, that they close at 3 pm.

To check the price you can access the following link, as it varies according to the type of ticket.

Would you like to visit it?

Photographs: www.blanescostabrava.cat (jardín) / taller.iec.cat (Fernando Rivière de Caralt)

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