Water sports in Blanes


Are you on summer holidays in Blanes and do you like water sports? Then, this is of interest to you.

In this article we will talk about the different water sports you can practice this summer in Blanes. Among the countless options we will focus on: scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, water banana, parasailing and pedal boating.

Which one do you choose? Here we go!


A unique experience for those who have never tried this exciting world.

The sensation of freedom you feel when diving is simply indescribable. Diving into the sea, without noise, just listening to your breathing is AMAZING!

If you want to practice this sport, you can contact the Blanes Sub diving centre.


One of the most popular water sports in summer is kayaking. In fact, year after year, many people wait for the summer to come to practice this wonderful sport suitable for everyone.

Kayaking is a fantastic active tourism activity to discover the coves and hidden corners of Blanes.

You can make your kayak booking HERE.


Sailing is a great activity to discover the waters of l’Estartit. Thanks to this sport, you will be able to get into the middle of the sea and enjoy its spectacular immensity.

Undoubtedly, an unforgettable adventure for sailing lovers.

For more information about sailing courses and baptisms, contact Club Nàutic Estartit.

Water skiing, water banana, parasailing and pedal boating

These sports are ideal options for family holidays. With them, moments of laughter, joy and fun are guaranteed. Come and join in!

JetSki Blanes offers services for this type of activities.

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Jardín Tropical Pinya de Rosa


Do you know the Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden?

The Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden, located in Blanes, is part of the Architectural Heritage Inventory of Catalonia. It is close to two other green oases: Marimurtra and Santa Clotilde (in Lloret de Mar).

The Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden is located in the Pinya de Rosa Natural Site of National Interest, which covers an area of some fifty hectares. It allows visitors to observe some 7.000 tropical species, all of them arranged and classified according to their genus.

Over the years, it has acquired great international fame and has become a place of enormous interest for the most eminent botanists in the world. Also, for the tourists who visit our municipality.

Fernando Rivière de Caralt, the creator of the garden

Fernando Rivière de Caralt

Rivière de Caralt was one of the most renowned industrial engineers in the metallurgical sector of his time. One of his hobbies was cacti and succulent plants, which led him to buy the land to build the garden.

Different professionals from different sectors participated in the whole process, such as:

  • Joan Pañella i Bonastre (great friend and botany expert)
  • Joan Mirambell (designer)
  • Raimon Duran i Reynals (architect)

Nooks in the Pinya de Rosa Tropical Garden

Inside the garden you will find different spaces where you can stroll and observe the beauty of its plant species: Aloes, Agaves, Cactaceae, etc. A real pleasure for the senses!

The collection of Opuntias is one of the most extraordinary and rare in the world, and includes some 600 species.

From Hotel Beverly Park & Spa we recommend you to visit the Pinya de Rosa Garden and see the entire collection for yourself.

Prices and opening hours

The Pinya de Rosa garden is open every day of the year, from Monday to Saturday. Its doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm, except on Saturdays, that they close at 3 pm.

To check the price you can access the following link, as it varies according to the type of ticket.

Would you like to visit it?

Photographs: (jardín) / (Fernando Rivière de Caralt)


Gastronomic offer of Blanes


Discover the gastronomic offer of Blanes

The gastronomic offer of Blanes is characterised by being local and of proximity: fruit and vegetables, fish, seafood, wines, typical sweets, etc. If you are a lover of good food, keep reading because you are going to like this post.

In this article we will talk about the gastronomic offer of Blanes, as well as weekly markets where you can find local products and other curiosities of our area.

Let’s get started!

Fresh fruit and vegetables

In Blanes, you will find a wide range of traditionally grown fruit and vegetables. They are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet and are considered to be one of the most characteristic products of the gastronomic offer of Blanes.

If you fancy eating freshly picked fruit and vegetables, we recommend a visit to the Blanes fruit and vegetable market. It has around thirty stalls offering local, fresh, quality produce. You will also find the famous «mongeta del ganxet», delicious!

The market takes place every week from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Passeig de Dintre.


Blanes fruit and vegetable market

Freshly caught fish and seafood

One of the great attractions of Blanes is that it is a town that still maintains its seafaring origins. In fact, one of the most symbolic traditions of fishing activity still takes place here: the fish auction.

The fish auction is a unique experience that you should definitely put on your list of activities in Blanes. It takes place every day from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Having the chance to see the fish being unloaded live and then bid on by the buyers is a magnificent opportunity to get to know the fishermen’s day-to-day life.

If you want to buy fresh fish and seafood, you must visit ES PORTAL, located in Plaça Dels Dies Feiners. A real privilege!

Which recipe do you prefer? Grilled Blanes prawns, fish stews, seafood stews, rice dishes and fideuá, grilled fish… The list is endless!

We can only say: ENJOY YOUR MEAL!


Group of fishermen unloading fish in Blanes

Enjoy the gastronomic offer of Blanes in the Hotel Beverly Park & Spa

Have you ever wanted to taste these products? In the restaurant of the Hotel Beverly Park & Spa you can enjoy the exquisite gastronomic offer of Blanes.

You will find a wide variety of dishes, with fresh and local products.

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Blanes Promenade


Get away on the seafront of Blanes Promenade!

The Blanes Promenade is one of the most pleasant areas of the town for strolling, practising sports in the open air or enjoying a delicious meal by the sea. Characterised by its iconic palm trees that accompany it along its 3-kilometre length, it makes strolling along it an authentic experience.

With the arrival of the good weather, the sunny days and the rising temperatures, a livelier atmosphere can be felt all along the promenade.

Are you more of a quiet or lively atmosphere?

The Blanes Promenade is an ideal option for all types of public. Depending on the atmosphere you are looking for, it is better to go out at one time or another:

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, the perfect time to walk is undoubtedly in the morning. The feeling of peace that the views of the Mediterranean transmit will make you disconnect, relax and start the day with positive energy.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who like a livelier and more festive atmosphere, then sunny weekends and summer evenings will be the ideal time for you. At this time of year, the promenade is full of bars, restaurants, beach bars and shops that make it one of the busiest spots in Blanes.

Activities on the Blanes Promenade

The Blanes Promenade offers a long list of activities:

  • Strolling, cycling, rollerblading or reading a good book…
  • Enjoy an ice-cream, a fresh fruit juice, a beer or a cocktail along the promenade…
  • Enjoy a delicious paella or fish in front of the sea…

The possibilities are endless!

Hotel Beverly Park & Spa

The Hotel Beverly Park & Spa is located just a few minutes walk from of the seafront promenade.

We encourage you to explore it and enjoy the different attractions it has to offer.

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Cursa Mar i Murtra 2022


Would you like to take part in the Cursa Mar i Murtra 2022?

Next January 16th will take place the Cursa Mar i Murtra 2022, a race to enjoy sport in the middle of nature. This event is organised by the «Fondistes Blanes» with the support of Muralla Òptica, its official sponsor.

Three different routes:

  • XXXIII Cursa Mar i Murtra 20 km. This is the classic and the most demanding of all, combining flat areas with uphill and downhill sections. It will start at 9:30 am.
  • VII Cursa Mar i Murtra 10 km. Completely flat and designed for everyone to be able to take part in it. It will start at 10:00 h.
  • II Trail Mar i Murtra 15 km/600 m+. For mountain lovers, starting and finishing at the same point as the other courses. It will start at 9:00 h.

Registration for the Cursa Mar i Murtra 2022

To participate in the Cursa Mar i Murtra 2022 it is necessary to register in advance. If you want to do so, we remind you that you have until 14 January. You can do it here.

The price varies depending on the race you choose, 14 € for the 10 km and 19 € for the 15 km and 20 km. If you don’t register before the aforementioned date, you can do so the weekend before at the Passeig de Mar in Blanes. However, once there the price will be 1 € more.

With each registration you will be entitled to:

  • Participate in the race
  • Have access to the cloakroom service
  • Assistance during the race
  • Shower service
  • Breakfast and drinks
  • Gifts

So, which race do you choose? We hope to see you there!

For more information, you can access the following link

To download the poster click here

Photography: Designed by Freepik


Gothic Fountain of Blanes


The Gothic Fountain: a historical monument in Blanes

In the heart of the commercial centre of Blanes (on Carrer Ample) we have a real treasure of Catalan heritage: the Gothic Fountain. Do you know it?

The Gothic Fountain is considered the best-preserved fountain of Catalan Gothic architecture and is included in the Architectural Heritage Inventory of Catalonia. What is more, in 2013 the Government of Catalonia approved its declaration as a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

It is one of the city’s most emblematic monuments and without a doubt a place not to be missed if you visit us. Its details make it unique and unmistakable for all the people of Blanes.

If you have not seen it yet, we recommend that you take a stroll through the streets of Blanes and see this spectacular historical monument for yourself. Its octagonal shape, the central medallion with the Cabrera family coat of arms and, above all, the perfectly defined gargoyles that combine animal and human themes stand out.

Do you know its history?

The origins of the Gothic Fountain date back to the 15th century, specifically to the year 1438.

It was built by order of Countess Violant de Prades, daughter of the Count of Prades and wife of Bernat V de Cabrera. However, it is said that the local textile guild also took part in the construction of the fountain because of the loom that was set up there. The purpose of uprising the fountain was to put an end to a health problem in the town.

In 1922, a board of trustees was set up -with complete autonomy- to take charge of its conservation, as well as to raise money for its preservation. Years later, specifically in 2006, a restoration process was carried out.

So, from Hotel Beverly Park & Spa we encourage you to take a stroll through the centre of Blanes and see this magnificent work of art in person.

For more information about the fountain, you can access the following link



Escape Room in Blanes


Don’t miss the first outdoor Escape Room in Blanes!

Hundreds of years ago, pirates hid a treasure in the town and no one has ever managed to recover it… Until now!

From 2 to 3 October, the Blanes Town Council, in collaboration with Girona Provincial Council and Imagina Escape Rooms, has organised the first outdoor escape room in the town, christened «The Great Treasure of Blanes».

A unique event that aims to give visibility to the most emblematic spaces in the city, as well as the various empty premises in the town and significant buildings. For this reason, the venue for the event will be the streets of Blanes, as different atmospheres, locations and environments will be used.

The activity, which is completely free of charge, will consist of a competitive team game in which participants will have to overcome a series of obstacles to find the treasure hidden in the city. It will last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on your teamwork and their skill.

The organisers recommend a minimum age of eight years old to take part, as there are a few kilometres to walk. On the other hand, children from the age of twelve can play on their own, but must be supervised by an adult. Finally, youngsters over the age of fourteen can go on their own.

To participate, you will have to sign up in advance because places are limited. Once you have registered, you will have to wait until the day before the event to be informed of the exact meeting point, which will be a secret place until the last minute!

You will only need to wear clothes suitable for the temperature and comfortable shoes.

Come and have a good time!

Will you be able to find the lost treasure?

You can download the programme here

For more information you can consult the following link

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Escape to blanes


Squeeze out the last days of summer and escape to Blanes

Welcome, September! If you think that summer plans end when August comes to an end, we’re sorry to say that we don’t share your opinion. Let us tell you that this is the best time of the year to renew yourself, improve and be even happier. Whether you are one of those who have already enjoyed a well-deserved holiday, or if you have availability to do it now, from Hotel Beverly Park & Spa we want to encourage you to take advantage of these last summer days.

If you want to start your routine with a clear mind, enjoy the peace, tranquillity and calm that this month offers with your family, your group of friends or your partner, we recommend you to read on. We have prepared for you a list of the best beaches and coves in Blanes so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Make the most of the good weather that will still be with us this month!

Places in Blanes that you can’t miss…

Blanes has four kilometres of coastline where you can find a wide variety of beaches. Every year, its beaches are recognised with quality certificates such as the blue flag. We agree when we are told that the coves of this beautiful town are true jewels of nature.

If you love the sea, spending time on the beach and enjoying the sea breeze, this will interest you:

Cala San Francesc is a beautiful cove located on the outskirts of Blanes. It is also known as «Cala Bona», due to its spectacular surroundings full of pine trees and rocks. Due to its marvellous crystalline waters, it is an ideal place for snorkelling.

Treumal cove, which is no more than 100 metres long, is one of the smallest beaches in Blanes. It is located to the north of the municipality and is ideal for bathing. The sea is usually calm and there is usually not much wind thanks to its privileged location.

Santa Anna cove, also known as «Capellans beach», is located at the end of the port of Blanes, just below El Convent. If you like pebble beaches, this is the perfect one for you. A different kind of beach, ideal for snorkelling.

Blanes beach is located right in the centre of the town, next to the port. If you look at it from the sea, on the right-hand side you will find the large rock Sa Palomera. Thanks to its size, you are sure to find enough space to feel at ease.

S’Abanell beach is the largest and busiest beach in Blanes. It is located on the left side of the rock of Sa Palomera. It has all kinds of services and is surrounded by bars and restaurants. An ideal place for the whole family.

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Enjoy the last days of summer and escape to the beaches of Blanes!

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Blanes, Sports City


Exhibition about local sport in Blanes

Blanes is mainly known as a tourist destination. However, it also receives a significant number of visitors thanks to sport. For this reason, this summer 2021 you can’t miss the exhibition on the history of local sport prepared by the Municipal Archive of Blanes, the Department of Tourism-Promotion of the City and the Department of Sports.

From 23 June to 8 July the 10 roll ups that make up the exhibition were located in different shops of the ABBC (Associació de Botiguers de Blanes Centre). These included the Dakota shop, the Giotto ice cream parlour, La Casa Groga, the Daina Dance School, Euronics, the Perinyà Sports shops, Foot On Mars and San Juan Òptics.

The exhibition, called «Història de l’esport local» is about the history of sport in Blanes and includes information about different sports disciplines such as basketball, boxing, judo, football, handball, hockey, cycling, sea sports, among others.

You will currently find these ten panels in the foyer of the Blanes Regional Library. They will be there until 31 August and then they will be moved to the hall of the Blanes Sports City. So, if you want to do something different and get to know this city more deeply, we recommend you to visit this exhibition, we are sure you will like it!

For more information you can go to the following link

Hotel Beverly Park & Spa

If you want to visit the exhibition during your stay in Blanes, choosing our hotel will be your best choice. It is only a 15 minutes walk from the Regional Library, so you can escape for a moment to visit it. Moreover, for sea lovers, the hotel is located just next to S’Abanell beach. It will be the perfect starting point to not miss any plan.

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