October activities in Blanes


We inform you about some of the activities that will take place in Blanes, during this month of October.

-Gourmet meals of the “Suquet de Peix”:

Blanes, as a fishing village with outstanding fishing activity, has collected, throughout its history, a rich gastronomic diversity that has come through the meals that fishermen prepared when they returned from fishing with their fishing boats. One of them is the “Suquet de Peix”, a simple and nutritious dish that can be prepared in different ways. This is why the municipality of Blanes will dedicate a few gastronomic days to the preparation of this dish, where you can taste this delicious delicacy in 14 restaurants. Each establishment will elaborate a menu with this dish as main element, allowing the visitor to discover different variants of this food.

-Challenge in Costa Brava:

The city of Blanes on October 13 will be the beginning and end of the “Challenge in Costa Brava” a cyclist tour, born from the idea of connecting in a single route all the points of interest that can be reached starting from the Costa Brava Sud, offering the cyclist the opportunity to explore and discover the orography of the territory. The participant can choose to do 3 different routes of: 246Km, 142Km or 120Km depending on their level and motivation.

-Bona Gent, with Quim Masferrer:

On October 21 at 7:00 p.m., the “Bona Gent” show, starring actor and director Quim Masferrer, will take place at Blanes Theater, who thinks that the time has come to pay tribute to the audience in a unique show and impossible to repeat, the audience is the protagonist. A protagonist or rather many protagonists, who will write the argument of this experience. A show full of truth, honest and where Quim Masferrer wants to be his spectator.

* To see all the activities of the month of October press “Agenda Blanes

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