Christmas in Blanes



The starting point of the Christmas holidays in Blanes begins with the lighting of lights. Throughout the month of December and part of January you will find events for all ages. From nativity scence to theatrical performances, including exhibitions, circus shows, chocolate party, concerts and inflatables. Within the framework of these festivities also find thematic fairs and sporting events.

Then, we inform you about some of the activities that will take place in Blanes during this Christmas:

Date: 5/12                                          

Activity: Inauguració del pessebre monumental

Organizes: Ajuntament de Blanes

Place: Plaça dels Dies Feiners

Schedule: 17:30h


Date:  8/12

Activity: “Pastorets. La gran aventura”.

Organizes: Grup Rialles Blanes

Place: Teatre de Blanes

Schedule: 17:30h

Price: 7€


Date: 22/12

Activity: Caga Tió Popular

Organizes: Esbart J.Ruyra i Ajuntament

Place: Plaça d’Espanya

Schedule: 17 a 20h


Date: 31/12

Activity: II Cursa de Sant Silvestre

Organizes: Club Triatló Blanes

Place: Sortida passeig Cortils i Vieta (davant c. Ample)

Schedule: 17.30h


Date: 05/01

Activity: Arribada al port de Blanes de Ses Majestats Reials i Cavalcada de Reis.

Organizes: Ajuntament de Blanes

Place: Carrers del centre

Schedule: 18h


For more information see the full program of Christmas in Blanes, clicking on the following link:

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