Verbena de San Juan 2018 | Blanes


The Verbena de San Juan, celebrated on June 23 is one of the most anticipated festivities for all citizens of Blanes, as it symbolizes the arrival of the summer solstice. The beaches of Blanes are filled with people and bonfires to celebrate a special evening and welcome the summer, during the shortest night of the year. Gastronomically, these meetings on the beach between family and friends, usually accompanied by the coca of San Juan, recapte or chicarrones. As in any party can not miss the music with batucadas, traditional dances and concerts that entertain the evening of all those citizens who want to have fun. Another element that can not be missing tonight is the firecrackers, rockets and flares that release the emotions of those more audacious.

Then we detail the main activities of the Verbena de San Juan 2018 that will take place in the Passeig Cortils i Vieta de Blanes, located just 9 minutes walk from the Hotel Beverly Park & Spa:

-06:30 p.m. Drinking chocolate

-07:00 p.m Children’s workshop

-07:30 p.m  Delivery of the llama

-08:00 p.m Exhibition and workshop of giants

-08:30 p.m The bonfire is lit

09 p.m. Popular dinner

-10 p.m. Batucada by the walk

-10:30 p.m. Traditional dances

-11 p.m. Concerts: Tropical Roots, Arkadia Sound and PD Zitas.

Organized by: AEiG Pinya de Rosa and Colla de Diables Sa Forcanera.