Christmas in Blanes



The starting point of the Christmas holidays in Blanes begins with the lighting of lights. Throughout the month of December and part of January you will find events for all ages. From nativity scence to theatrical performances, including exhibitions, circus shows, chocolate party, concerts and inflatables. Within the framework of these festivities also find thematic fairs and sporting events.

Then, we inform you about some of the activities that will take place in Blanes during this Christmas:

Date: 5/12                                          

Activity: Inauguració del pessebre monumental

Organizes: Ajuntament de Blanes

Place: Plaça dels Dies Feiners

Schedule: 17:30h


Date:  8/12

Activity: “Pastorets. La gran aventura”.

Organizes: Grup Rialles Blanes

Place: Teatre de Blanes

Schedule: 17:30h

Price: 7€


Date: 22/12

Activity: Caga Tió Popular

Organizes: Esbart J.Ruyra i Ajuntament

Place: Plaça d’Espanya

Schedule: 17 a 20h


Date: 31/12

Activity: II Cursa de Sant Silvestre

Organizes: Club Triatló Blanes

Place: Sortida passeig Cortils i Vieta (davant c. Ample)

Schedule: 17.30h


Date: 05/01

Activity: Arribada al port de Blanes de Ses Majestats Reials i Cavalcada de Reis.

Organizes: Ajuntament de Blanes

Place: Carrers del centre

Schedule: 18h


For more information see the full program of Christmas in Blanes, clicking on the following link:

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Christmas activities in Blanes


We inform you of some activities that will be carried out this Christmas in Blanes, in this month of December and beginning of January.

Date / Activity: 5/12 – 06 /01 Traditional nativity scene and Christmas decoration.

Organized by: City of Blanes.

Site/Time: Paseo de Dintre.

Description: The town hall of Blanes organizes a traditional Nativity scene representing the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition to establishing a space with elements of Christmas decoration.


Date / Activity: 13/12 Carol singing in the street.

Organized by: Cor de María School.

Site/Time: Pl. Mn. Joan Quer (10:00 a.m.)

Description: The Cor de María School organizes a singing of Christmas carols where the students will play Catalan folk songs, traditionally sung during the Christmas season.


Date/Activity: 15/12 Taste Blanes Nadal, gastronomic sample.

Organized by:  Blanes City Council and Hospitality Association.

Site / Time: Paseo de Dintre (11:00 a.m.-23:00 p.m.).

Description: Blanes will celebrate the gastronomic display of Christmas, in which tastings of typical dishes will be offered. Among the participants of the sample you will find different restaurants of the population, which will offer their culinary creations.


Date / Activity: 21/12 Fair of San Tomás.

Organized by: City of Blanes.

Site/Time: C/Ample, Muralla, Raval and Plaza de España (9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.).

Description: The municipality of Blanes organizes the Fair of San Tomás where you can find Christmas products, food, toys and crafts.


Date / Activity: 24/12 Caga Tió Popular.

Organized by: Cultural Association Es Viver.

Site / Time: The Cooperativa C / Muralla (05:00 p.m.- 07:00 p.m.).

Description: The Cultural Association Es Viver organizes a Caga Tió Popular in which all children who participate have a gift. The beloved character, a trunk of large dimensions that lives in the forests of the Vilar, will once again star in the traditional Catalan Christmas celebration.


Date / Activity: 31/12 I Race of San Silvestre.

Organized by: Club Triathlon Blanes.

Site / Time: Departure pg. Cortils and Vieta, in front of c/Ample (05:30 p.m.).

Description: Blanes will celebrate for the first time, one of the most popular athletic races that are currently held in different parts of the world, such as San Silvestre. Participants can enjoy a tour through different streets of the town and thus be able to burn the Christmas excesses.


Date / Activity: 05/01 Cabalgata de Reyes.

Site / Time: Calles del Center (07:00 p.m.).

Description: Probably the most awaited night of the year for all the children of Blanes, in which Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar and their pages, will throw candy to the children of the population. These can deliver their letters so that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar fulfill their wishes, depending on whether they have been good or bad boys.


For information on all Christmas activities in Blanes see the Programa de Navidad 2018