Sa Palomera, an unmissable icon of Blanes


Today we would like to talk about one of the most representative symbols of Blanes, the iconic Sa Palomera. This large rock that enters the sea is considered the starting point of the Costa Brava and separates the bay of Blanes from the beach of s’Abanell. On top of Sa Palomera there is a viewpoint from where you can contemplate a wide view of Blanes and the Tordera delta. At the end of July, this emblematic rock becomes the setting for the Blanes International Fireworks Competition.

If you come to Blanes, we recommend you visit this iconic place where, apart from getting to know and admire the beautiful coastline, you can take some spectacular panoramic photos.

Delta de la Tordera, a privileged place for bird watching


During your stay in Blanes we recommend you to visit the protected natural area of the Delta del Riu Tordera. It is a strategic place for the migration of many species of birds, which makes this natural space a privileged place for bird watching. Depending on the time of year, species such as the grey heron, the little bittern, the common kingfisher and the common sandpiper can be observed. The delta is also the natural habitat of the tree frog, the Magdalena river turtle and the Natrix maura. In terms of vegetation, you will find elm trees, aspeen trees, ash trees and reed fields.

The hotel is located approximately 4 kilometres from this natural space, we recommend a visit on foot in order to enjoy an excursion with unique and unrepeatable views. The estimated time for this excursion is 1 hour 40 minutes round trip from the hotel.

Blanes, an ideal destination for practising outdoor sports


Blanes has different signposted routes that you can do by running, walking, cycling or Nordic walking. These are itineraries of between 7 and 20 kilometres that run through the natural surroundings of Blanes, such as the Camí de Ronda, which offers an itinerary that continues alongside the sea; the route of the hermitages, which will allow you to discover part of the historical mark left by our ancestors; and the two Grans Camins de l’Aigua of 8 and 18 kilometres. Also on the terrain that surrounds the city, routes have been defined to follow with mountain bikes and three more for road cycling.

In addition, in Blanes you can do a lot of water activities such as: kayaking, paddle surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sport fishing and snorkelling. There is also a wide range of boat rentals with or without skipper and nautical excursions.

Blanes is a privileged town, with an unbeatable natural environment for practising outdoor sports.

Joaquim Ruyra Itinerary in Blanes


Blanes and its landscape have inspired artists, poets and writers. Joaquim Ruyra was a writer with a short literary production, but of very high quality who described many landscapes and corners of Blanes in his stories. We propose a route through the eyes of Joaquim Ruyra that will take you to the places in Blanes that inspired the artist to write some of his best known stories. Among these places you will find landscapes such as those of Punta Santa Anna, the seafaring district of s’Auguer, the cliffs of El Convent and Cala Sa Forcanera. The visit of these points is accompanied by an explanation and the reading of a fragment of his stories where he talks about this place.

This Christmas give joy and illusion in Blanes


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Give joy and illusion, give holidays in Blanes!

The beaches of Blanes certify excellent bathing water quality


Since the beginning of the bathing season l’Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA) has been carrying out weekly analyses of environmental inspections and collecting samples of bathing water in all areas of Catalonia. During the month of July, the ACA reported the results of the beaches of Blanes (Platja de Ca la Bona, Platja de Blanes Centre, Platja de S’Abanell-Nord and Platja de S’Abanell-Sud) which obtained the maximum qualification (excellent), with regard to the state of the bathing water within the 3 levels of grading (excellent, good and insufficient). There was only one change in the last information sent by the ACA where the beach of Cala Bona was rated as good.

Blanes postpones the International Fireworks Competition until 2021 and suspends the 2020 Festivities of the village


The International Fireworks Competition of the Costa Brava – Trofeu Vila de Blanes, which this year 2020 was to commemorate its 50th anniversary, has been postponed to 2021, in order to guarantee security measures and prevent the spread of the Covid-19. The same has happened with the Santa Anna Festivities, which finally will not be held either.

Blanes opens the 2020 bathing season


This month of June Blanes opened its beaches for the 2020 bathing season, following safety measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. One of the main measures the council has taken is to set up an information service in the main bathing areas, which helps bathers to comply with safety measures. The main measures are to maintain a minimum distance of 4 linear meters between sunshades, to respect the group limitations that contemplate a maximum of 15 people and to make use of the mask in case a safety distance of two meters between people cannot be maintained.

Diada de Sant Jordi



The Diada de Sant Jordi commemorates the death of Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia and Aragon, which took place in 303 AD. This festivity is celebrated in Blanes and all of Catalonia on April 23rd. Although it is not a holiday, there are thousands of people who go out into the streets of their villages to enjoy this special day. The central elements of this celebration are the book and the rose, symbols of culture and love. It is a tradition to give a red rose and a book to the person you love, on the occasion of lovers day and book day.

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Ermita de Sant Joan de Blanes

Visits to the Ermita de Sant Joan de Blanes



Every Sunday of this month of March from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the “Associació estimem les ermites de Blanes” organizes visits to the Ermita de Sant Joan de Blanes.

The hermitage is located on top of the Sant Joan hill, next to the castle with the same name. It is documented in the 13th century, and in 1377 there is evidence that there was a priest in the castle that took care of it. During the 17th century, it was a centre of pilgrimage during the day of Sant Joan Baptista. In 1959, a restoration was carried out in which the roof was redone and the Blanenca artist Maria Teresa Bedós painted the interior frescoes. In 1991, it was restored again with the rehabilitation of the castle. It is a work included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

Today it is preserved in good condition thanks to the entity “Associació estimem les ermites de Blanes” that fights to restore, preserve and make known the valuable cultural and religious heritage represented by the seven hermitages of Blanes, along with other buildings of public interest Blanenc.