Blanes Carnival 2019


Carnival is a tradition that comes from the Middle Ages, a time when Christianity allowed the debauch as a way out before the abstinence of Lent and breaking for a few days with the hard work of winter.

One more year, Blanes will be dressed in a thousand colors, fun and amusement will take over the streets of the town on March 2 and 3 to celebrate the Carnival 2019. One more winter, the period of music and dancing returns in the streets, parades full of humor, to celebrate with family and friends. The “Rey Carnestoltes” is ready to invite all attendees to have fun and enjoy all the carnival acts.

Blanes will take his floats to the street on Sunday March 3, the rúa will meet as Av. Rei Joan Carles I and the output will be from the Plaça Escorxador. The parade will go through the streets: de la Riera Alta, Rbla. Joaquim Ruyra, Pl. Catalunya, Pg. De la Marina and will finish in Pl. Països Catalans.

Between the floats and comparsas participants in the rúa a contest will be held, in which a qualified jury will evaluate different aspects such as: originality, craftsmanship and choreography of the floats and comparsas, among other aspects. For each category different prizes will be awarded in cash, in the floats prizes will range between 100€ and 1200€ and in comparsas the prizes will range between 50€ and 600€.

If you like floats, costumes, parties and music, at the 2019 Carnival in Blanes you will find everything.

For more information about the Rua de Carnaval 2019 in Blanes see las bases de la rúa.