Discover the best beaches and coves of Blanes


In Blanes we have more than 4 kilometers of beaches, this fact allows us to offer a wide variety of beaches and coves depending on the tastes of the visitor, you can find, from small rocky coves such as Sant Francesc, Treumal, Sa Forcanera and Punta de Santa Anna to extensive beaches such as Platja de Blanes and S’Abanell. Generally, both beaches and coves have all kinds of services: showers, toilets, beach bars and cleaning services. In addition, the beaches of the center, Platja de Blanes and S’Abanell, offer first aid services and access for people with reduced mobility.

The beaches and coves of Blanes are known for their calm waters, ideal for all those visitors who come with children, many of these beaches and coves such as Platja de Blanes, S’Abanell and Sant Francesc have Blue Flag, as they strictly comply with the norms of water quality, security, provision of general services and environmental management.

Next, we offer you the best beaches and coves in Blanes so you can enjoy a fabulous bath during this month of August and the remainder of summer.

Cala Sant Francesc / Cala Bona: is a beach surrounded by pine trees, ideal for families because of its size and easy access. It can be reached both from the botanical garden of Marimurtra and by Sant Joan. It has a remarkable extension of sand, and the cove is protected on both sides with rocks that offer visitors the possibility of diving in search of fish and other aquatic species.

Cala Treumal: is the beach that is located to the north of the municipality, tiny but genuine. Of golden sands, this cove is surrounded by a unique landscape, declared Natural Area of National Interest, such as Pinya de Rosa. Cala Treumal is Costa Brava in its purest form: fine sand, pines and rocks that are lost to the depth of the water. It is a small paradise at your fingertips.

Platja de Blanes: located in the center of the city, next to the port and on the right side of Sa Palomera, if you look from the sea, this beach contains the first meters of sand of the Costa Brava. Thanks to its easy access it is well known among visitors, who value the quality of sand and water. The castle of Sant Joan, at the top of the hill, overlooks this beach, which has all the characteristics of a first-class beach.

Punta de Santa Anna: is a small pebble beach located at the end of the port of Blanes, just below El Convent, for this reason it is popularly known as Platja del Capellans. It has a small surface, but offers a privileged exit to the sea and a whole sequence of rocks that are ideal for snorkeling.

S’Abanell: is the largest beach in Blanes, located to the left of the Sa Palomera rock. It is more than two kilometers long and stretches to the mouth of the Tordera River, where the most touristic area of Blanes is located, offering all kinds of services. Its extension allows people to be comfortable, even in the times with the most visitors.

Platja Sa Palomera: between the beaches of Blanes and S’Abanell we find this symbol of identity of the town, a large rock that enters the sea and marks the beginning of the Costa Brava. It is also an exceptional viewpoint of the entire maritime façade of the town. The unmistakable silhouette of Sa Palomera and our two largest beaches are inseparable.

Cala Sa Forcanera / Cala S’Agüia: two small secrets, two jewels of our coast: the Cala Sa Forcanera, with sand and that only has access through the sea, and the small and recondite Cala S’Agüia, of large pebbles and which is accessible by boat and on foot. Normally, you will find boats at anchor and bathers who also enjoy the underwater spectacle.